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Blue Mage: A Devata Saga Novella by Amber Morant

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Magi: The Kingdom of Magic Complete Box Set Blu-ray

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I've very briefly glanced at the different faction benefits without wanting to spoil too much for myself. The 'just choose the one you like the most' argument isn't really a factor since I'll most likely play through all of them on different characters. I just know that I want to give the magic system a go.

Holy Mission Give you access to a bunch of spells didn't want to look at them in detail and I read that they get a mana cost reduction passive. Blue Chambers Gives you more HP which means more mana than other factions if HP is evened out and saw someone mention an infinite lantern which sounds neat since some of the early spells I've seen need one. Kingdom of Levant Not looked very closely at them but they seem the worst out of the three for a magic user.

But then again maybe the holy mission spells are really good and other magic users are missing out. Last edited by SrsBznz ; 16 Jul am. Showing 1 - 13 of 13 comments. Fenric View Profile View Posts.

Blue Chamber infinite lantern provides some resists but only when held in off-hand. I suggest you follow a guide or read the wiki. Originally posted by Fenric :. I can't say which faction is best. There's lots of ways to play a mage and you'll have to decide for yourself what you prefer. Originally posted by SrsBznz :. So speaking of spell casters, which breakthroughs are good choices? I've read that Rune Sage is good for pure casters and I just found the Shaman trainer in my playthrough, the minion spell seems useful and improving boons is nice for both defense and offense.

Maybe Philosopher as a third? I'm curious to test Chakrams since I read that they used to be bad but have been buffed in the experimental build.