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How do the feelings expressed in these lyrics compare with the emotions described by Maria Mazziotti-Gillan? What do students think about the concept of American society as a "melting pot"? What metaphor would students choose to best describe modern American culture?

Teaching about immigration by using literature can add a needed human dimension to one of the oldest debates in our history, one which-in its current manifestation-is overwhelmingly negative and foreboding. This human dimension is essential if students are to truly understand the complexity of the issue. Notes 1. Jacqueline L. Tunnell and R. Teaching Resources Beatty, Patricia.

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Lupita Manana. New York: Beech Tree Books, Brown, Wesley and Amy Ling, editors. Imagining America: Stories from the Promised Land. New York: Persea Books, Buss, Fran L. Journey of the Sparrows. New York: Dell, Crew, Linda.

City of Hope

Children of the River. Lawlor, Veronica. New York: Viking, Mazziotti-Gillan, Maria. Nixon, Janet Lowery. New York: Bantam Doubleday Dell, Temple, Frances N. Grab Hands and Run. New York: Orchard Books, Yep, Laurence. Dragon's Gate. New York: HarperCollins, New York: Harper and Row, Dennis N.

The Children of Ellis Island

Stories of the New Immigrants The immigrants of recent decades share many characteristics with their enterprising forebears. They come seeking economic opportunity on the one hand, escape from war, famine, political oppression and even death on the other. Often, other members of their families try to follow.

Those who wait in line for their chance or are granted asylum are legal immigrants and constitute the vast majority.

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Those who jump the fence, so to speak, are the illegals-many of whom have overstayed their visas, others having entered the United States from Mexico via border crossings. Children of the River Linda Crew This is the story of a Cambodian girl who must adjust to life in a new country without the support of her closest family members.

Having fled the Khmer Rouge in the company of her aunt's family, Sundara is now a high school student in Oregon. She is torn between obeying the traditional rules of Cambodian society and embarking upon a friendship with an American boy. She is also torn between the desire for her past experiences to be understood, and her reluctance to become an object of study by her classmates. This novel effectively underlines some of the cultural differences which Sundara must cope with as she adjusts to life in the United States.

Grab Hands and Run Frances N. Temple In this novel, Felipe is twelve years old When his father disappears in the middle of the night, leaving no trace but his motorcycle along the road, Felipe and his mother and sister are forced to disappear too-and head for sanctuary in Canada. The El Salvadoran countryside is not the most hospitable for a mother and two small children. Even less hospitable is their reception in Guatemala, then Mexico, then the United States.

Luckily, they have enough money to buy their way across borders and onto buses, until their good luck runs out in Texas. This book presents a portrait of a family undergoing extreme stress, yet bearing hardships with great determination, all seen through the eyes of Felipe. Journey of the Sparrows Fran L. Buss The four children in this story, like Felipe, are escaping from political oppression. They are literally shipped to Chicago, where they undergo struggles that would tax the strongest of adults.

These children display a depth of human spirit that allows love and courage to triumph over a system that seems determined to crush them. Lupita Manana Patricia Beatty The young people in this story are fleeing not political but economic oppression. Of the border crossings described in this and the above two novels about illegal immigrants, theirs is the most realistic and dangerous. Once across the border, their adventure has hardly begun. They must deal with jobs, bosses, police, and la migra slang for the U.

Border Patrol , existing in a state of constant fear while still facing the conventional adolescent problems of finding love and achieving maturity. The complexity of their struggle makes for involving and provocative literature.

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Imagining America: Stories from the Promised Land Wesley Brown and Amy Ling, editors This anthology is "a reimagining, through short stories, of emigration to and migration within the United States during the twentieth century. Whether it is a young girl recalling her one visit to her grandmother in Barbados "To Da-Duh, In Memoriam" by Paule Marshall , or a Japanese boy dreaming of playing Shakespeare "Japanese Hamlet" by Toshio Mori , these stories convey the common threads in diverse immigrant experiences.

Although intended for an adult audience, many of the stories in this volume are suitable for middle and high school students. Immigration in Poem and Song Poetry can reveal the inner workings of the human heart. In Good Husbandry, she reveals what happened over the next five years at Essex Farm. Farming has many ups and downs, and the middle years were hard for the Kimballs. Mark got injured, the weather turned against them, and the farm faced financial pressures.

Meanwhile, they had two small children to care for. How does one traverse the terrain of a maturing marriage and the transition from being a couple to being a family? How will the farm survive?

What does a family need in order to be happy? Kristin had chosen Mark and farm life after having a good look around the world, with a fair understanding of what her choices meant. She knew she had traded the possibility of a steady paycheck, of wide open weekends and spontaneous vacations, for a life and work that was challenging but beautiful and fulfilling. So with grit and grace and a good sense of humor, she chose to dig in deeper. Kristin Kimball is a farmer and a writer living in northern New York. Prior to farming, Kimball worked as a freelance writer, writing teacher, and as an assistant to a literary agent in New York City.

Tamar Adler is a contributing editor to Vogue. Her new podcast, Food Actually, will launch on Luminary on November 1. She lives in Hudson, New York. Little one, so calm and so happy, the darkness of the night is yours like the darkness of your skin. This lyrical text, narrated to a young girl named Amani by her father, follows her as she plays an evening game of hide-and-seek with friends at her apartment complex.

This is a gorgeous bedtime read-aloud about joy and family love and community, and most of all about feeling great in your own skin. Abdul-Razak Zachariah grew up in West Haven, Connecticut, and based the story's apartment complex and community on his own. A graduate of Yale College, he was deeply involved in diversity and inclusion advocacy while there, and he received the Mellon Mays Research Fellowship and the Nakanishi Prize.

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He is currently working in college student recruitment and community partnerships at LEAP, a New Haven literacy organization. The Night Is Yours is his first book. Carmen Maria Machado describes her growing pains as she learned to feed and care for herself during her twenties. She lives in a town outside Washington, D. Lev Grossman is the author of five novels, including the international bestseller Codex and the 1 New York Times bestselling Magicians trilogy. The Magicians books have been published in twenty-five countries, and a Syfy series based on the trilogy premiered in early A widely published journalist, Grossman spent 15 years as the book critic and lead technology writer for Time magazine.

Born and raised in Lexington, MA, he lives in Brooklyn with his wife, two daughters, and one son.

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