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But it was just damn greasy and more than a little belittling. Negative- the severely subpar plotline.

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Honestly, little to no effect was put into making the plot interesting, rather it was just filler it seems to break up the massive amount of sex scenes. Plus the ending was super weak. Positive- the characters reluctant but very evident passion and affection for one another. That first negative about impressions was thankful amended with the evolution of the hero's character. At not point, regardless of how he wants to feel, was he mean to her or treated her in any other way but with respect-at least in the bedroom.

I know it cheesy but his true emotions came out when he made love to her and he couldn't hide it. In fact, when he wasn't being a dick, the hero was that lovely possessive and protect hero type of the paranormal genre and was swooned a few times listening to him. Positive- the heroine was not a weak stubborn creature who should have ended up dead.

No she was rather tame, even though the hero described her as a demanding wench.

She listened to him when it came to danger-only stepping in when she thought she could help him. She was really the mistreated one in their relationship but I thought she did the best she could with what she had. Reviewed it on BookExhibitionism. I think, though, that I will continue writing reviews in the Letter style and I hope you, My Future Self, and you, the readers, approve. Dear Future Patricia, Deadly is the Kiss was your first book from Rhyannon Byrd, and it is unfortunately the 9th one in a series, something you didn't know when you got it from NetGalley.

The rather negative rating of Then again, if you were already a fan of Byrd, you'd probably have felt a little disappointed by the lack of.. Apparently people have waited a long time for this story, but you haven't.

See a Problem?

While Deadly is the Kiss could have been a really good read, it didn't grab your attention long enough to make you feel connected to any of the characters. Additionally, it felt very isolated, because the whole plot makes both the heroine and hero spent lots of time together, and alone. It's just that there were several things that didn't make it a very good read. Little to no interaction with other people. Especially the heroine, Juliana, who was isolated before already due to a punishment.

It felt odd and I think that because we only got to see the protagonists with eachother they lack a complexity that would have made the story 'richer'. No connection to the protagonists, and also none between them. Did they really love eachother? The hero didn't redeem himself. Ashe was in many situations very unlikable, and did some stupid things.

Because I, well you, well I, well.. You can't ever give someone a baby as if it was a puppy. People who have not read the book yet, won't know what I'm talking about, but those of you who do: Did you expect it to be a puppy, too? Because I sure did. Your copy said it was an in Progress ARC which means that at least the last point could have been changed Please!

The author has much potential, and even though the book didn't give you many details about the worldbuilding, it seems to be a good general setting.

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In short: If people already know the author, good for them, and yes, read it. But I didn't and I think it would have been better if I had started with the first novel. Which means, Future Patricia, you have to read at least two other novels written by this author. View 2 comments. Feb 10, AnnaBanana rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , vampires , shifters , paranormal , rhyannon-byrd. First off…. This book was amazing!!! She did so well setting up the world in the PI series I knew going in what to expect but still she managed to add to it for me.

Manual Tempted by His Wicked Kiss (Mills & Boon Nocturne Cravings)

Finally being able to see more of the Vampires in her world was nice. That man is HOTT!!! It was really incredible to see him surrender to his need for her, to finally accept her. Juliana was a great heroine too. Strong, funny, tough…. Ashe was pretty intimidating with her and still she stood her ground and gave as good as she got. Her problems were typical problems but there were very unique circumstances behind them so that was refreshing.

All in all, this book far exceeded my expectations! Thank you Ms. Byrd for the fantastic read! I hope beyond hopes that Gideon gets a book. I can be patient, I promise! Not the biggest fan of Julianna in this book. They were often considered the most ruthless hunters out of all the ancient clans…and they were not to be screwed with. Sooo, yeah. And then despite lying almost the entire time about Raphe D Not the biggest fan of Julianna in this book. And then despite lying almost the entire time about Raphe Delacourt and not mentioning the Medeiros thing, then she made out like Ashe was the bad guy for womanising and not trusting after a pretty brutal betrayal.

Ashe repeatedly is proven innocent of lying to her her big hang-up after Raphe and didn't take blood from anyone else; Julianna took blood from someone else and lied her ass off. I was incredibly frustrated after Jules' past came out and somehow Ashe was the one who'd done wrong to Jules.

Will read the next, but I hope that Gideon's heroine isn't so annoying. Apr 06, Jen rated it it was amazing. This is now one of my favorite books.

Mills and Boon Rules of Romance

I love Ashe Granger and the intensity of his character. This book also had a couple of the best sex scenes I have ever read!! I look forward to the next book of the series and will be watching for it! Oct 22, Jessica rated it really liked it Shelves: romance-pnr. March 20 Ashe Granger's story, finally.

Very good, a little steamy It has been a long time since I have read a supernatural romance. May 12, Lessoire rated it really liked it. I hope that they each have their own stories. Oct 29, Nessa rated it really liked it. A unique part of this vampire story is how male vampires will feel the 'BURNING' once his body recognizes its mate, and it will consume him if he doesn't make the bond. He's resisting hard because he doesn't trust her, at the same time he is desperate to find out what happened to her family that resulted in their 'fallen' state. Having been hurt once by a woman he 'loved', he has trust issues against the female race.

Likewise for the heroine in terms of men. Both of them are attracted, but neither wants to commit at least from Ashe's side. He's stubborn but I'm glad that the animal attraction and passion made it impossible for them to tear each others' clothes off.

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Little does he know, mother nature's a bitch when the lust only spirals out of control. But, Ashe doesn't realize that perhaps it's not all the sex but the woman herself who makes him feel like he does. I enjoyed the push and pull, the angst and chemistry and some rawness to their relationship. It was by far imperfectly perfect.

The Shifter's Kiss (Mills & Boon Nocturne Cravings): First edition – Mills & Boon UK

You won't know what's the real story in the beginning DUH but I loved how the author built up your curiosity while feeding bits of information, and also in the form of the heroine's anxiety, fear and also courage. For some reason Ashe doesn't like her and she has no idea why. But, it makes it easier if he's the one to help her family because there will be no strings attached. Juliana is shocked when Ashe proposes sex between them Of course, since the burning attraction was mutual, and she didn't have much to lose, why not?

But, Juliana isn't just a beautiful vamp who needs help but she also has her own insecurities and the mistakes she made were just because of her own naivete. Too bad she didn't meet Ashe earlier and saved her a lot of political trouble. The only sad part was the fact that the heroine's womb was cut out by the bad guys in the story, I felt like crying for her because she will never be able to give Ashe his own children.