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As a result some inconsistencies had appeared. A team headed by Pete Venters was tasked with working out the continuity issues, changing a few things in the process. This has called the canonicity of pre-rev sources into question, but at the time the official stance was that everything still counts, unless a new source directly contradicts it. This all is important to keep in mind, since all appearances of Elder Dragons who aren't Nicol Bolas are in pre-rev sources!

The relevant Armada Comics are Dakkon Blackblade, Elder Dragons and Ice Age, which all feature Chromium, who is given the name Chromium Rhuell there Presumable the writers thought he wasn't as cool sounding as his cycle members?

The Summon of Shooting Quasar Dragon(Not AMV)

The text pieces in the Dakkon Blackblade comic state the Rhuell is his "human name". Chronologically, Dakkon Blackblade comes first. Dakkon tries to mind control Chromium, but he resists the attempt, and Dakkon is forced to just unsummon him. Later Dakkon manages to stab Piru with the Blackblade. She explodes, creating the Dueling Chasm of Golthonor. Geyadrone absorbs the energy of Piru, which almost overwhelms her and forces her into a monstrous appearance. Click on the images to enlarge them.

We learn little about the Elders here. Only that they are powerful. Powerful enough to tussle with planeswalkers. The most interesting thing in this comic is probably Piru. Emphasis theirs. But that's it. No explanation of what Elder Dragons are, where they come from, why there suddenly is a sixth It's called Elder Dragons after all.

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In this comic Chromium is masquerading as a human Called Ham, not Rhuell Chromium befriended her, but eventually other humans came looking for her. Assuming that the dragons were evil they attacked. Palladia, already annoyed by her brother's fascination with the little human, decided to just eradicate all the invaders. Chromium put her to sleep to save the humans.

List of summons

Now a warlord shows up with a dragon whelp familiar. The familiar tricks him into digging up Palladia-Mors. Turns out the dragon whelp was an enchanted Vaevictis Asmadi, who wanted to wake Mors so she could undo the enchantment. The last we see of her is a claw sticking out of the marsh. Presumably she's been put back to sleep.

So we learn a little more about the Elders here, but not an awful lot. Or at least calls them cousin.

He just refers to Palladia as mistress before she calls him "Cousin Elder" and hesitates before calling Chromium cousin. Also note the interesting bit in the third scan where Chromium says Elders never "rampaged mindlessly" over humans. Ironically, he's the one with Rampage An overview in the last Acclaim comic to be printed claims Elder Dragons actually happened before Dakkon Blackblade, but the Dakkon comic itself claims it is the other way around.

That would actually make more sense. Palladia's comment about "The Five" suggests Piru is already dead at this point, and Elder Dragons ends with Chromium dramatically telling the girl who fell in love with his human form the he can "never love again", while in Dakkon Blackblade he's still happily mated to Piru. Speaking of that last scene, here's another interesting quote:. That mention of Elders hailing "from the dawn of time" is interesting. Not only is it the closest thing to an origin we get here Jup, the Elder Dragons comic makes no mention of the War , it is also the first appearance of a boast Nicol Bolas likes to repeat, and that Sorin has used to describe Ugin.

We should also look at the text pieces in the back of the comic, those have some interesting quotes. Some are just meaningless, but impressive sounding, fluff This is the first evidence we have of Elder Dragons being able to travel to other planes, which we never actually see them do in the comics. The talk of them having "ascended beyond the physical" is odd though. That seems to suggest they are some kind of dragon planeswalkers rather than an ur-race of dragons. There is no further explanation than that given.

Finally there is the Ice Age comic. Issue three chronicles the Summit of the Null Moon. A whole bunch of planeswalkers have come together to discuss a way of getting out of the Shard of the Twelve Worlds. Faralyn has brought along his spellsquire Ravidel and his friend Chromium Rhuell. The other planeswalkers are left behind, but now Freyalise has realized what must be done and sets of to cast the Worldspell that will end the Ice Age. It should be noted that while the Eternal Ice novel ret-cons most of issues two and four of the Ice Age comic, it does not touch upon the Summit of the Null Moon.

In fact, there are some allusions to Freyalise and Leshrac doing stuff behind the scenes that suggest issue three specifically IS still in continuity. Very little facts here. The only new info we get is that one of Chromium's brothers was killed in a duel between Leshrac and Kristina.

T his exchange has been taken to mean that Arcades Sabboth is dead, since after the appearance of Nicol Bolas years later he is the only Elder unaccounted for. But we should remember that that at the point this comic was released Nicol Bolas had never appeared either, and since the Elder in question was summoned by Leshrac, it actually sounds more logical if it was intended for that him to by Bolas, who fits the colors Leshrac uses.

The only other source left to mention is the short story The Going Price from the Tapestries anthology.

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In it, we get the following quote from Reod Dai, who is buying some dragon eggs. One of those changes is that the reference to elder dragons is removed. Those are all the pre-rev sources we have on the Elder Dragons.

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And not a single one of them mentions the Elder Dragon War. So where did that come from? Jeff Lee, probably the first storyline guru, had a site, which is actually the main source we have on the Elder Dragons. But what did he base that site on? Most interestingly would be the entry for Elder Land Wurm in that calendar. So that is where the Elder Dragon War, the origin of the Elder Land Wurms, and presumably the idea that the five Elders are the ancestors of all dragons in the Multiverse, come from.

We don't know exactly what was said there though. Jeff Lee also talked to member of the continuity department, including Pete Venters. He incorporated all that into a site, which is where we get virtually all our facts about the Elder Dragons from.

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You can find the site here , and the relevant bits about the Elder Dragons here , here and here. This is where we learn of the Elder Dragon War, the origin of the Elder Land Wurms, the fact that all dragons are descendants of the five we saw in Legends, et cetera. The facts that come from this site are:. More importantly, we should should pay a lot of attention to what is actually on the site and what isn't. I often see the claim that the Elder Dragons had an empire, or that there was some Multiverse-spanning spell that turned all Elder Dragons except the five from Legends into Elder Land Wurms.

Neither claim is made on Jeff's site though. But those are words chosen by Jeff, we don't know if they were the words WotC used. And even if it turns out "cursed" should be taken literally, there still is no proof that this curse was one big spell that turned all the Elders in the Multiverse into Land Wurms. This is actually rather important to remember, since people were claiming that Ugin could not possibly be an Elder Dragon because of said spell: it would've turned him into an Elder Land Wurm.

But we have no prove of said spell existing. For all we know the Elders were killed or maimed on a case-by-case basis, which would make it quite possible for Ugin just to have hidden during that time. Perhaps Jeff Lee can clarify some things? But surely a Multiverse-spanning spell would've made it onto his site?

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  5. I should also mention the Phyrexia. If you read other articles by "Tyler" on Phyrexia. After that it remains quiet on the Elder Dragon front for a long, long time. But that's not to say they weren't discussed.