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Zee Ent. Precious Metal. Market Watch. Pinterest Reddit. By Indulekha Aravind. If untreated water keeps getting pumped into the lakes, it would soon contaminate groundwater resources, as is evident from the higher nitrate levels in the borewells in the vicinity of polluted lakes in Bengaluru.

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Ulsoor Lake, a 50 hectare expanse of emerald green water in Bengaluru , is a lovely sight in spring when the trees lining it are blooming with the yellow of the tabebuia or covered in the purple of the jacaranda. But this spring, residents were greeted with the horrific sight of thousands of dead fish that had washed up on its shores early morning on March 7. Photos and videos of the piles of fish went viral, provoking shock and calls for action, and various dignitaries visited the lake, from the local MLA, Roshan Baig, to the head of the state pollution control board, Lakshman.

A Sip of Ammonia The dissolved oxygen in the lake had also decreased because of high temperatures during the day and the spread of algae, which was consuming the oxygen, reducing its availability for the fish. Smoke on the Water Locals around Bellandur and Varthur lakes had got used to the sight of clouds of foam on the surface, but last year, high winds lifted the foul-smelling foam on to the roads. A few days later, parts of the foam caught fire.

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Ramachandra found that untreated sewage was again a major culprit, along with the presence of phosphorous, coming from indiscriminate use of detergents. While a family on an average uses The phosphorous, along with untreated effluents in the lake and an accidental spark led to the fire, says a report by the Centre for Ecological Sciences. Activities include cleaning the lake surroundings, keeping a check on the growth of algae and ensuring that sewage treatment plants are working.

Such groups, believes Ramprasad, are the solution to the current crisis plaguing the lakes. Jamwal, however, believes the civic agencies need to step in here. At present, the city releases 1, million litres of untreated water every day, while sewage-treatment plants have the capacity to treat just million litres. If untreated water keeps getting pumped into the lakes, it would soon contaminate groundwater resources, as is evident from the higher nitrate levels in the borewells in the vicinity of polluted lakes in Bengaluru, warns Ramachandra.

Major health disasters like kidney failure would then be just a few sips away.

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Read more on pollution. Her goal is to travel the world and capture inspiring images of extreme underwater environments including caves, ice, to deep shipwrecks always pushing the boundaries of creativity and discovering new ways of capturing these places artistically.

The stories are so powerful and she aspires to create images that is just as powerful. She is co- owner of Liquid Productions, specializing in bringing back video from challenging aquatic environments. Her experience working in remote locations around the world and filming in extreme environments has earned her a reputation of producing quality underwater imagery. She writes for several dive magazines in the USA and Internationally.

In that capacity, he supports eight multi-mission boat stations and coordinates operations with numerous U. Parros has been with the Michigan State Police since Prior to that, Sgt. He is currently a Sergeant at the Wayland Post. Sgt Lynema obtained his recreational diver certification in March Clyburn is the president of the Noble Odyssey Foundation, which brings scientists and young people together to document underwater research projects and expand understanding of Great Lakes science and history.

Millions of television viewers recognize Ric Mixter as a shipwreck researcher, diving over shipwrecks in the Great Lakes, including the Edmund Fitzgerald. He leads the pack when it comes to sharing our unique underwater resources with the general public. Thousands of dive show patrons and countless school children know Mixter as the energetic storyteller who uses video like no other presenter can. He loves the Great Lakes as well as the shipwrecks in them.

He is a firm believer in the education of diving. Jim and Pat Stayer are explorers and well-known underwater filmmakers dedicated to sharing shipwrecks and remote dive destinations with audiences across North America. They co-authored three books and 30 DVDs.

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According to Ernie Books, the Stayers have been referred to as one of the best videographers. They served as president and secretary of the Michigan Underwater Preserve Council, and were two of the founders of the Sanilac Shores Preserve. Together they ran a dive charter boat in the Great Lakes and have discovered eight shipwrecks. They were cameramen for the History Channel, with their footage appearing on several major networks worldwide. Kevin Magee was certified for scuba in , moved to Cleveland, Ohio, in , and discovered shipwreck diving in the Great Lakes shortly afterwards.

He enthusiastically practices diving shipwrecks in Lake Erie and the other Great Lakes. Kevin is the co-founder and Deputy Director of the Cleveland Underwater Explorers CLUE , an organization that searches for shipwrecks in Lake Erie and has found more than 20 shipwrecks since its creation in Chris has presented at several past Seahorses Film Festivals, dating all the way back to when he presented the discovery of the Steamer Troy. In , Chris began diving with Cindy and Mike Lynch.

Together they visited and documented several previously discovered, but mostly forgotten ship wrecks lying off the Thumb. Cindy currently dives the Titan rebeather, but is also certified on the rEvo and Kiss Sidekick rebreathers. Even though she loves Great Lakes diving and the lore of the historical shipwrecks, she also enjoys cave diving in the winter months in the warm waters of the north Florida cave system. He started his diving adventures in and has over dives primarily in the Great Lakes and in the Florida caves.

Mike currently dives the rEvo rebreather, but is also certified on the Titan and Kiss Sidekick rebreathers. Mike and Cindy met Chris while diving the Thumb Preserve. Together, the trio now enjoys making the shipwrecks accessible to divers and working to promote both the Thumb Preserve as well as the Sanilac Shores preserve. In the summer of , they visited and documented several previously discovered, but mostly forgotten wrecks lying off the Thumb. When Capt. A native of the Czech Republic, Hanakova moved to Milwaukee in for a job at a financial firm, and, having no scuba experience, only curiosity, found someone to take her diving in Lake Michigan.

As full time Scuba Professional and 30 year veteran of the dive industry, Rich believes the best diving opportunities in the world are in the Great Lakes. While most of his time is taken up being the Owner of Divers Incorporated with locations in Ann Arbor, Monroe and White Star Quarry, Rich spends his free time diving and working towards promoting Midwest diving. Rich also hosts Diver Sync, a weekly scuba podcast where he spends time discussing scuba topics, travel, local adventures and things going on in the diving industry.

For the Past three years, Rich has ventured into the realms of CCR diving, embracing the technology that makes the sport of scuba diving so fantastic. Ken Merryman is past president and founding member of the Great Lakes Shipwreck Preservation Society and retired computer engineer. He is a veteran speaker at scuba shows including Gales of November and Ghost Ships and gives several shipwreck talks each year. Ken has been an avid Great Lakes shipwreck diver for 47 years and operated a scuba diving charter service for 40 years. His underwater photos and video can be seen at museums and shipwreck displays around the lakes.

The last three summers Ken and friends have been circum-navigating the Great Lakes in his Owens Cruiser and have covered four of the lakes so far finding six new shipwrecks along the way. Schooner Skeeles — Ric Mixter Normally shipwreck searches involve the open water or library.

Collision Course — Capt. Bringing Shipwrecks to Life — Becky Kagan Schott A photographic tour showcasing some of the finest shipwrecks in the Great Lakes from schooners to freighters, ferries, and side wheel steamers. Decoding the dive Tables — James Mott Decoding the Dive Tables presented by James Mott is an enlightened look at the history and evolution of dive tables over the last years.

Shipwreck Diving in the 21st Century: How technology has changed the way we dive shipwrecks — Rich Synowiec Technology in the 21st century has changed the way we live our lives. River Channels — Captain Luke Clyburn This film describes the exploration and research along the now submerged ancient river channel which runs some 80 miles through the Straits of Mackinac and features fantastic underwater footage of the shipwrecks, which rest near the ancient banks.

Presenters Becky Kagan Schott Becky Schott started diving at 12 years old and instantly fell in love with it. Dale Lynema Sgt.