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Because we work for what you care most about, we have moved financial services in a values direction for the last 18 years. Horizons Sustainable Financial Services offers a full range of investment services to further socially conscious values.

Horizons Sustainable Financial Services is pleased to announce two new plans to help advisors pondering a big change: Horizons Advisor Transition System, for those looking to change their fundamental business relationships and models, and Horizons Advisor Retirement Plan, for those who are ready to retire and want to find a new home for their clients. Email us with your questions at info horizonssfs.

And please tune in and refer others to Deep Impact Investing! Many people want to invest but feel hesitant because of their lack of knowledge. Long an enthusiast for working with newcomers to the world of investing, Kimberly Griego-Kiel is dedicating this episode to guiding you through the ins and outs of investing.

Join the list of clients that have moved to the Next Horizon

Tune in to this information-packed episode now to solidify your understanding of the investing world! The shareholder advocacy proxy season is upon us, yet many investors are unaware of just how important their votes and voices are. Listen now to learn how you can use your voice this proxy voting season to help make changes that matter! Today, Kimberly Griego-Kiel is joined by Glenn Schiffbauer, the executive director of the Santa Fe Green Chamber, to explore how Santa Fe is becoming increasingly sustainable and why businesses are starting to focus more on the triple bottom line.

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Horizons specializes in personalized service that takes into account your values, lifestyle, goals, and current financial situation. Our clients range from experienced investors to newcomers to the world of finance, those who seek to expand an existing portfolio, young people just starting out, people looking to manage a recent inheritance or plan for retirement—anyone seeking to support SRI principles as a way of aligning their finances with their values. Unlike some large investment houses that include SRI as a smaller, less important offshoot of their overall business, Horizons maintains SRI as our exclusive focus, and pursues SRI values in our overall business practices as well as in our personal lifestyle choices.

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Meu perfil Enviar letra Mensagens Editar Sair. Editar playlist. Tem certeza que deseja excluir esta playlist? Our clients tend to have the following types of diagnoses and challenges:.

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While clients come to us with various symptoms and diagnoses, we see our clients as individuals who have a lot more right with them than wrong with them! Treatment plans are customized for each child and family to focus on underlying causes of symptoms — often including specialized counseling approaches, executive function skills training, nutrition consultation, neurofeedback, parent education, specific communication therapies, and more. It is important for you to know that we view psychiatric medication as a last resort, and work closely with prescribers to ensure that clients are not over-medicated or taking medications that are merely a Band-Aid covering the real problems that need to be addressed.

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  4. We believe change is possible—because we see it every day. And we believe you are no exception. Want to know the 5 things that can make a HUGE difference for attention, anxiety, mood, and behavior challenges? If you are like many people who come to our clinic, you have already done the standard treatments you were told to pursue, but your child is still stuck and struggling.

    Preparing students for meaningful, choice-filled lives

    Schedule a free minute phone consultation with one of our clinicians by calling or clicking here. What Our Clients Say. Horizons has made a huge difference for our year-old son and family. We tried six other counselors before we found Horizons and Courtney, and have continued with her for four years. Our son has high functioning autism with anxiety, and was having daily violent outbursts when we first started treatment.

    His outbursts are now rare.

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    We have also been able to reduce and eliminate prescription … Julie W. Our family has benefitted greatly from the treatment our two children have received at Horizons. Jake has gone from communicating with only hand gestures and noises to speaking full sentences, allowing him to communicate wants and needs.