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August The Journal of Politics. Cambridge University Press. Goodrich, Rev.

Do As Poor Richard Says, Not As He Does

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Poor Richard

June—July The American Mathematical Monthly. Mathematical Association of America. Ross, John F. Some historians believe Franklin sold himself short with such talk. His skillful edits rescued countless proverbs from a cross-generational rubbish bin, which now brims with outmoded eighteenth-century wit. When presented with problematic rows, Franklin rifled through his sources, located the choicest proverbs, then either placed them where they fit in naturally or parred them down as necessary.

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Perhaps it is permissible, then, to forgive Franklin for participating in the rampant plagiarism that defined his era in publishing. Notice the proverb, broken into pieces, set apart in italics, and placed in the seventh row.

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Note proverb , which Franklin reprinted with the smallest of edits in the excerpt presented above. And Now It's Dead. It also included recipes, trivia, advice, aphorisms, and proverbs about industry and frugality.

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Franklin considered it a vehicle of instruction for common people who could not afford books, a literature for the masses. Almanacs were the most read secular books in the colonies. Almanacs were produced in Britain long before they made their way to North America.


The most important were published in New England by Nathaniel Ames of Dedham, Massachusetts, its publication lasted from to According to the Library Company of Philadelphia only three copies of the original issue exist. The third copy was found in in the library of the Berwick Historical Society in Pennsylvania.