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A book may traverse a range of subjects.

We hope it helps you when you are making loan requests and thinking about your students' and your own reading. Adventure fiction usually involves the main character going on a quest or journey and experiencing extreme conditions.

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The adventure may or may not involve history but has plenty of action. Some adventure fiction could also involve elements of mystery, dystopia or fantasy. Penned by women authors, these books can be light and funny and usually deal with relationships, dating, and romance. Some cover more delicate themes such as pregnancy, abortion, weight problems or drug abuse.

Examples are:.

The classics are titles that have established themselves as distinguished examples of penmanship of a particular period in history. Classics are time-honoured, which is why there are 'classic' classics and modern classics. Examples include:. This is the kind of fiction that stands out, gets mentioned and recommended. Usually set in the recognisable present, contemporary fiction is realistic with contemporary characters, events and dialogue.

Examples that fall into this category are:. Narrated in diary format these fiction or non-fiction tales are personal recounts usually played out day-by- day. The narration could be based on an adventure, an historical event or a personal experience. Dystopian fiction is set is new or alternative worlds, or futuristic societies and is characterised by degradation in values, social hierarchy, terror and oppression.

These titles often include elements of science fiction, conflict and romance. Well-known examples include:. Dystopian novels can lend themselves well to secondary teachers looking for genre fiction for students to read for pleasure. For example, science and social studies teachers might look to:. Books that reflect children and teens and even adults having to undergo some kind of inner conflict or interpersonal conflict at some point in their life — including 'coming of age' stories.

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This may involve relationships, bullying, decision making or identity crisis. Examples that resonate with this genre include:. This genre of literature deals with the struggle for identity, acceptance and relationships of protagonists who are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. The graphic novel has become an increasingly popular format of book among readers, from intermediate through to senior secondary and beyond, with an explosion in publishing for this genre. This is the case for both fiction and non-fiction graphic novels.

Although a format rather than a genre the graphic novel has become a popular reading choice for intermediate through to senior secondary students. Fiction and non-fiction graphic novels or as some prefer — comics are full-length works of literature, which require you to read the pictures and text.

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While some titles appeal to reluctant readers, much of the graphic novel format requires a level of sophistication in reading ability. Neil Gaiman is renowned as an international leader in this field. Graphic novels provides a good overview of this book format and how to use them with students. This genre of books has been written with the intention to scare the reader with gory details of blood, ghosts, vampires, skeletons, demons and the supernatural world.

These novels have the story and characters pitched against a significant backdrop of time or history of a place or country. War, social history and political instability often feature, as in:. Stories that cause you to smile or laugh out loud at the quirkiness of their characters or stories. Good examples include:. These are the Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christies of the collection. Examples of this genre are:. By elevating the question into architypes and imaginary characters, we can bring up questions of good vs evil and lay out our conclusions in a way that would seem crass in ordinary fiction.

Pinocchio does it so much better. The wooden toy, once complete, becomes a boy. He has feelings, makes mistakes and wants to go out and explore the world. He tells lies and learns about consequences. Author Stella Night explains Pinocchio in terms of romantic relationships. It was an idea that I had because I had watched my friend desperately try to save her marriage by constantly trying to change her husband, making him go to courses, yoga, and various things to make their relationship better. In the end, she gave up. Then her husband sorted himself out on his own and returned to her becoming an amazing husband.

Who would you want to marry out of George Clooney, astronomer Brian Cox. My answer is, none! Would I be happy in a mansion in Malibu, or a tax haven island for the super-rich? Can I live on a farm in the Prairies? Once I started to think about it, I realized how our classic fairy tales can in fact say a lot about real life. Then she gives up everything for him, her world, her family, her way of life, even her voice which was the one thing he liked about her.

And for what? The problem when women — and most of us were raised thinking that success in love would be our greatest aim — when women fall in love, they can sometimes build up the man into what they hope he could be. And in our effort to be with him we give up our independence, the very thing that made us attractive to him in the first place.

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We become needy and vulnerable. The girl, full of youthful romantic dreams, is horrified that her father has arranged a marriage with a local merchant. In her eyes he is a beast. But gradually, with patience and kindness, she begins to see how hard he works to provide a good life for them, she grows out of her youthful fantasies and learns to appreciate having a good home and the respect of the community. Her husband becomes a prince in her eyes. I focused on choices.

We set out in a certain direction and sometimes we need to stop and think about what we really want — not what anyone else wants for us — and then change direction to follow ourselves. I think we all need to stop every so often and ask, what is my path, where am going and is it still where I need to be. When Rose Amberly was little, she pestered her mother for stories every night and morning and afternoon.

In the end, her parents taught her to read so they could have some peace, but very soon she pestered them for books and more books. She travelled widely and tried different careers is education, therapy, art management and even briefly, bookkeeping but none of them were as much fun as making up stories. Rose Amberly lives in London which she thinks is the most fabulous city in the world. She loves to set her stories in England to share with readers some of her favourite places.

Favourite fairy tales get a smart grown up and passionate remake. Some stories follow the classic tale very closely, others move further and wider to offer a different ending. Charming heroes, dangerous royals, Hollywood stars, farmers and mysterious neighbours take you on a sensuous magical journey from London to Washington DC, Tuscan hills to a rugged Canadian nature reserve.

Nine stories full of passion, glitter and unexpected twists. These charming old favourites are retold as passionate love stories contemporary, historical, paranormal, and fantasy romances. Experience tears, heartbreak, and happy smiles as our heroines make life changing choices, overcome troubles, and find true love. Equinox romance carefully selected nine exciting romance authors to create this collection with high quality writing and delicious escapism.

Cara Devon has always been impulsive, but tangling with a serial killer might cure that.

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The title alone has gotten me ensnared. This book has blown me away. Schwab has given us a gem of a tale…This is a book to treasure. Eilian Sorrell is no stranger to cheating death, but when a dirigible accident costs him his arm, he fears his days of adventuring are over. The main characters were honorable, well educated and forward thinking.